At MOTOAUTO, we believe in providing a comprehensive solution for our customers. We know firsthand the passion and the bond that a motorcycle awakens. It is under that knowledge that we provide the best original brand parts, with competitive prices and qualified labor in repair and maintenance in our multi-brand workshops. We believe in generating win-win business with our distributors. Strengthen ties and work together to meet the needs of the end mechanic and motorcyclist. It is our commitment and responsibility to be a reliable strategic ally, to grow together to new horizons, to keep moving constantly, always forward.


We are a leading company in the import and sale of original spare parts, with a wide coverage in Honduras and other Latin American countries. We also offer our well-known motorcycle lines and have a network of MOTOFIX distributors and stores strategically located throughout the country. With over 100 years of experience as part of the Kattan Group, we are proud to offer our customers comprehensive solutions in workshops, motorcycles and high quality spare parts.